This project, 4383 days of the childis part of a PhD research at the VCA & MCM at The University of Melbourne.

It is about the recreation of home and the notion of homelessness. Olena Fedorova was born in Ukraine and at the age of six experienced the Chernobyl disaster. Her family was asked to move away from their home and leave everything behind, because all things, even the land, were infected by radiation. Ten years ago Olena moved to Australia. However, she did not find a home here. She has a house, but her home is still in Ukraine.

Olena was always fascinated with the idea of inviting people into her childhood home. An attic, a basement, wardrobes, shelves, nooks and every corner filled with mysterious and unforgettable memories of the home that was swallowed by nature after the Chernobyl disaster of 1986. Through the occasion of this performance installation, she is now reflecting upon the loss of her home in this catastrophic nuclear accident.

This performance will invite the audience to move around in differently constructed sections of a suburban house and explore a labyrinth of memories. The limited season is programmed prior to venue demolition.

Devised by Olena Fedorova
Inspired by Natasha Davis
Lighting Design: Amelia Lever-Davidson
Sound Design: Piotr Novotnik
Production Manager: Lara Tumak
Producer: Gwen Holmberg-Gilchrist
Performed by: Olena Fedorova, Olena Garbarchuk, Christina Kamenev, Taya Kovaleva, Marina Scharapanovskaya, Sonya Vukovik, Marina Zakharova