Upstairs at Errol’s, Melbourne Fringe

September 27th  – 4th October 2014

Written by Rachel Perks

Directed by Bridget Balodis

With Rachel Perks, Ollie Coleman, Artemis Ioannides, Tamara Natt and Jackson Trickett

Set Design by Kim Ritchie

Lighting Design by Amelia Lever-Davidson

Sound Design by Raya Slavin

Photos by Sarah Walker


“With this show, the tiny space Upstairs at Errol’s café and bar (around 35 seats) bristles with very contemporary ideas and insights – and with great imagination in presenting them […] Director Bridget Balodis keeps the diverse elements ticking along, including the use of projected video diaries and text messages – aided there by video artist Isobel Taylor Rogers, Raya Slavin’s sound and Amelia Lever-Davidson’s precise and selective lighting.”
– Stage Whispers

“Angry Sexx is less an argument for any specific kind of feminism than an affective, supra-feminism. It mocks the nay-saying ironies of generation X, the impulse to disengage, and instead proposes a furious affirmation. Whatever your feminism, whether it’s hypersexualised, boundary-pushing nastiness or mainstream second-wave feminism, says Perks, do it angry.”

-Daily review

“Breaking down the gender politics that fill contemporary society, the show is bold and dark, and poignantly blurs the line between truth and science fiction to make a lasting statement.”

-The Music

“This space between anger and consequences makes for great theatre.”

-Aussie Theatre

Stage Whispers
Daily Review
The Music
Aussie Theatre


Stage Whispers
The Music
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