Red Stitch Actors Theatre
July 19th – 17th August 2013

Written by Dawn King

Directed by Kat Henry

With Rosie Lockhart, David Whiteley, Matt Whitty and Joanne Trentini

Set Design by Peter Mumford

Lighting Design by Amelia Lever-Davidson

Sound Design by David Maloy.

“The technical aspects of this production are presented with panache and skill…The lighting design by Amelia Lever-Davidson uses light to create absolute darkness and threatening chiaroscuro. “
– Theatre People

“This disquieting thriller is deftly rendered, and a high point in Red Stitch’s season to date.”
– The Age

“Kat Henry’s production is wonderfully atmospheric”
– The Australian

“Amelia Lever-Davidson’s moody lighting …completed the sketch of a rain-soaked, very unhappy England.”
– ArtsHub

“Add to this [the] wonderful lighting by Amelia Lever-Davidson and we are transported to the Coveys world and share their fear of the power of the Foxfinder”
– Stage Whispers

“Amelia Lever-Davidson has lit [the set] in so many wonderful ways”

“The seeping water and turned earth are highly suggestive and, along with some strong lighting design by Amelia Lever-Davidson … create a distinctly creepy vibe.”
– TimeOut

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