Presented by Next Wave Festival in association with Darebin Arts’ Speakeasy
Northcote Town Hall, 189 High St, Northcote

Meet Chris, a tireless young astronaut departing a world where women are killed so frequently it barely rates as news, millions of people are displaced by climate change, and cyborgs are evolving exponentially. Chris is on an interstellar mission to find Earth 2.0 and save all of humanity. No biggie.
After a year of voyaging in artificial stasis in a tiny capsule— her only companions a passive aggressive operating system and a plant called Terry—Chris wakes and tries to call home. But Earth is not at all as she left it.

Part science experiment, part love story, GROUND CONTROL takes our world and fast forwards it 100 years into the future, spitting it back with a grimace. A furious, experimental comedy about violence, technological singularity and long distance relationships, this is a confronting and passionate new performance created by the award-winning team behind ANGRY SEXX. What is it that we are moving toward? Have we already reached the point of no return?

Creator/Performer: Rachel Perks

Director/ Creator: Bridget Balodis

Performers: Emma Hall, Kai Bradley and Emily Tomlins

Dramaturg: Daniel Schlusser

Design: Matthew Adey (House of Vnholy) and Amelia Lever-Davidson

Sound Design: Marcel Dorney

Costume Designer: Zoe Rouse

Producer: Mark Pritchard


“Every element of the production is worthy of mention. Matthew Adey and Amelia Lever-Davidson’s set is the perfect contained world for this claustrophobic drama. Marcel Dorney’s sound design gives us a clear sense of the AI-driven world of the ship, but with just enough of a hint of the uncanny to keep us aware of the precarious situation of our main character. Costumes by Zoe Rouse and even hairstyles add tantalising texture to this world.”

“The script is so clever and the stage-craft and performances so compelling that every moment of the show requires focused, embodied attention. Only once it was over could I process the enormity of what I’d seen – a narrative of contemporary female lived experience elevated to the worth and epic scale of science-fiction.”

-Arts Hub

“…I have never seen a better set design in an indecently produced theatre show. It is quite simply stunning. Matthew Adey and Amelia Lever-Davidson have managed to create a fully fledged universe within the confined walls of the space ship…It’s almost worth the price of admission alone.”

– Syn 90.7

“The design is impeccable. The capsule of a spacecraft—a pod—looks stylish and minimal. Its elevation and tightness gives us a focused voyeuristic sensation. The audience feels the claustrophobia experienced by the actor(s) and the creation and breaking of the fourth wall plays with expectations, perspective and, in many ways gave the impression of time and space being distorted before our very eyes. The lighting enabled a constant change of atmosphere, without the need to change location.”

-Immanent Disaster

Arts Hub

Immanent Disaster

Syn 90.7


Green Room Awards 2016

Nominated for Lighting Design