Presented at Red Stitch Theatre
9th October – 7th November 2015

Kaja fled war-torn Belgrade in the 1990s; arriving in Australia felt like coming to paradise. Ralph and Sara left Tuscany in the 1950s as part of the ‘populate or perish’ scheme and built a new life in Melbourne.

Now working as an interpreter, Kaja is called to a hospital one night to help a young man reconnect with his grandfather.

Developed during his time as Resident Writer at Red Stitch, with Dramaturge Gary Abrahams, Dan Giovanonni’s magical new play, Jurassica, weaves the past and present together, exploring what it is to migrate, to be displaced and to spend the rest of your life searching for home.

Written by Dan Giovannoni

Directed by Bridget Balodis

Set & Costume: Romanie Harper

Lighting: Amelia Lever-Davidson

With Jordan Fraser-Trumble, Olga Makeeva, Devon Lang Wilton, Caroline Lee, Edward Orton & Joe Petruzzi

Photos by Jody Hutchinson


Green Room Awards

Winner for Writing/Adaptation for the Australian Stage
Nominated for Composition and Sound Design
Nominated for Best Production
Nominated for Best Direction


“…the staging and lighting were excellent: Romaine Harper (Set & Designer) and Amelia Lever-Davidson (Lighting Designer) have both done a wonderful job of evoking a variety of environs on stage.”

– Caitlin McGrane, Theatre Press

“Everything works in this play and everyone has evidently followed a single vision and purpose and it shows in every glorious moment of light, dark, and every shade in between”

-Samsara, Planet Arts

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