Presented by Festival of Live Art and Arts House
Arts House, Melbourne

Come and enjoy a fun and accessible painting workshop with the artistes of Slown, Smallened & Son – Alice Dixon, Caroline Meaden and William McBride. A peaceful and fulfilling evening with the live arts, Let’s Go Up Here provides each workshop participant with a chance to purge their thoughts of the life they knew before, and manifest a new landscape for their remaining days.

Our technique will have you painting beautiful landscapes in just three hours!

Featuring enchanting dance interludes and a sumptuous musical composition, this is live art with alive parts.

All skill levels welcome, from your average Jolene to the next Margaret Olley, with turps, refreshments and supplies provided.

Creators & Performers: Alice Dixon, Caroline Meaden, William McBride
Sound: Kevin Lo
Producer: Erin Milne (Bureau of Works)
Video direction & production: Mischa Baka
Lighting Designer: Amelia Lever-Davidson
Costume Designer: Margaret O’Donohue
Set Designer: Ross Dixon