Presented by 45 Downstairs and New Working Group

June 8 – 18, 2017

MOTHER, FATHER and CHILD live their lives the way lives are lived until one day CHILD lies down on his stomach and refuses to get up. Written by Louris van de Geer and directed by Susie Dee, Looking Glass is a frightening portrait of a family stuck looking to the ‘other’ to define its ‘self’.

Writer:  Louris van de Geer
Director:  Susie Dee
Set and Costume: Kate Davis
Lighting: Amelia Lever-Davidson
Sound:  Ian Moorhead
Assistant Stage Management: Olivia Bishop
Producer: Anastasia Ryan
Performed by Daniela Farinacci, Thomas Taylor, Peter Houghton, Josh Price, Daniel O’Neill


“Amelia Lever-Davidson’s lighting is a show in itself.”

– The Australian

“Excellent design amplifies the unsettling text: Kate Davis’ sparse white set cages the action, with Ian Moorhead’s grating electronic sound, and Amelia Lever-Davidson’s intensely textured lighting, deepening our sense of alarm.”

– The Age

“Director Susie Dee shows her typical flair for arresting stage imagery, augmented by a striking set by Kate Davis and a dynamic lighting design by Amelia Lever-Davidson. The plastic-curtained room is suggestive of a science lab, a cage and a fish bowl, plunging regularly into darkness.”


Looking Glass is well-served by Suzie Dee’s crisp, hard-nosed direction and the visual design is stunning and minimalist (Amelia Lever-Davidson, lighting; Kate Davis, costumes, set.)”

-The Daily Review

“Kate Davis’ design is simple yet loaded with associations…The lighting is stark and disorientating, the soundscape deafening and industrial; this is a place where the human mind is brutally conditioned and high-jacked.”

-The Music

“The impeccable and inventive nature of the production creates a unique and fascinating performance.”

-Stage Whispers

The Age


The Daily Review

The Music

Stage Whispers

The Austalian