Presented by Festival of Live Art and Footscray Community Arts Centre

FOLA is presented by Footscray Community Arts Centre, Arts House, TheatreWorks and Zilla & Brook (publicity partner).

A celebration of adolescent awkwardness.

Lovely Mess uses memories as a channel to examine the universal (and at times mortifying) experiences of childhood:

That time the teacher told you that you eat too much in front of the entire class;

That time the cute lifeguard tried to save you from drowning but you were actually just floating;

That time you didn’t speak up when your best friend was getting picked on.

Teenagers on the cusp of adulthood shed the skins of childhood embarrassment and move on with their lives.

Theatre group Riot Stage and projection artist Yandell Walton collaborate with 10 young people (ages 15 – 20) to explore themes of mental health.

Creators & Performers: Riot Stage
Projection and Content Designer: Yandell Walton
Lighting Designer: Amelia Lever-Davidson
Sound Designer: Raya Slavin