Presented by Malthouse Theatre
Helium 2014, Tower Theatre


Directed by Samara Hersch

Produced by Bek Berger

Set and Costume Romanie Harper

Lighting Design Amelia Lever-Davidson

Sound Design James Paul

Stage Manager Ainsley Kerr

Performed and Co-Devised by Josh Ferenbach John Flaus, Liz Jones, Aaron Orzech and Mary Helen Sassman

Dramaturg David Woods

Special thanks to other collaborators Karen Sibbing, Syd Brisbane, Emma Hall, Marco Cher-Gibard, Susie Dee and Claudio Tocco

Photos by Pierre Carthew


“Rather than merely aspiring to the state of cinema, Hersch places us inside the frame. Only as observers, true, but the experience is memorable and satisfying.”

“The design elements stand up to the closest scrutiny. Romanie Harper’s elegant set makes extraordinarily good use of this most difficult space. Hersch’s blocking and Amelia Lever-Davidson’s lighting heighten the cinematic impact of the final scenes.”
– Chris Boyd, The Australian.

“ Spare, felt, smart, grotesquely funny. And completely avoids Kafkaesque cliche.”
– Alison Croggon.

“A satisfying, but surprising, visual feast.”
– Mark Brandi, ArtsHub

“Meta is marvellously evocative – and perhaps the most sophisticated work of the 2014 Helium season.”
–  Rebecca Harkins-Cross, The Age


The Australian
Alison Croggon
Radio National
Arts Hub
The Age