Presented by Darebin Speakeasy and Double Water Sign

Two’s company, three’s a coven.

Armed with a cup of menstrual blood and a digital ouija board, Andy and Evie meet in the forest to hex Evie’s uncle. They’ve been talking to a dead witch online, she’s given them a spell but asked for a pretty big favour in return. What could possibly go wrong? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The arrival of Evie’s weird aunt, and Sue-Anne, the Mayor’s daughter, forges an unlikely coven and propels the story down into the nauseating dream-logic of the underworld. They must learn to speak the mother tongue. They must listen to the crone and the crow.

Calling on the almighty spectre of the Witch, MORAL PANIC unleashes all that is terrifying and unknowable about queerness and womanhood. It is an unsettling hallucination, an occult thriller and a very dark comedy. This savage new performance work from the award-winning team behind GROUND CONTROL (Next Wave 2016) and ANGRY SEXX (Melbourne Fringe 2014), asks how do we tear down the monument of masculinity, and what tools can we find in the dirt?
Writer – Rachel Perks
Director – Bridget Balodis
Assistant Director – Mick Roe
Set & Costume Designer – Romanie Harper
Lighting Designer – Amelia Lever-Davidson
Sound Designer – Meri Leeworthy
Dramaturg – Emma Valente
Creative Producer – Natasha Phillips
Design Assistant – Bethany J Fellows
Associate Lighting Designer & Production Manager – Rachel Lee
Stage Manager – Steph Young
Assistant Stage Managers – Kelly Wilson and Diane Pereira

Kai Bradley
Chanella Macri
Eva Seymour
Jennifer Vuletic

Photography: Sarah Walker


“The production also owes a lot to its design team. Romanie Harper’s flexible set is bisected by a white curtain and features tarpaulins covered with earth, which are lifted up to become some kind of suspended pod. With the aid of Amelia Lever-Davidson’s lighting, it suggests the shifting between different dimensions; during the dream sequence, for example, which otherwise feels subterranean, there’s a beautiful projection of clouds moving across blue skies.”

-Witness Performance

“The performers are framed and elevated by the show’s production elements… Amelia Lever-Davidson provides an interplay of colour, light and dark which avoids the obvious and sets the atmosphere well.”


“…the design and performance style offer plenty of bewitching moments”

-The Age


Witness Performance


Stage Whispers

The Age