Moving from the mundane to the spectacular, from the sublime to the ridiculous, SET distorts and manipulates bodies and objects to playfully reimagine perspective, scale and perception. Choreographed and performed by Dancehouse Housemate/artist in residence Sarah Aiken, SET  is a dance for one body and several objects; a work straddling the absurd and representational, repeatedly shifting how we value simple objects and the body interacting with them, ultimately revealing the human in all that is represented.

Presented by Dancehouse
Sylvia Staehli Theatre

Choreographed & Performed by Sarah Aiken
Set Design by Sarah Aiken and Daniel Arnott
Dramaturge & Sound Designer: Daniel Arnott
Lighting Designer & Operator: Amelia Lever-Davidson
Object Design: Matt Adey (House of Vnholy)

July 22nd – 26th

Image: Gregory Lorenzutti for Dancehouse


“Amelia Lever-Davidson’s lighting catches the planes and surfaces of both body and constructed shape as they mesmerically spin.”

-Chloe Smethurs, The Age

Aiken’s work is a delight with its own personality, fully engaged with wit and visual verbal wordplay”

– Australian Stage

“Possibly the first team I have ever experienced who fully understand all the qualities of space. How it changes, how it undulates, how scale can shift and focus can be manipulated. “

-Planet Arts

The Age

RealTime Arts

Australian Stage

Planet Arts