Presented by Arts House and Taipei Arts Festival, as part of Dance Massive 2015 and the 2015 Taipei Arts Festival.

Selected through an EOI process in 2014, all six will be brought together for the first time during Dance massive, at a residency to develop their works.

For Dance Massive 2015, three artists from Taiwan will join three Melbourne artists to explore our city, one another’s practise, and new directions for solo performance.

As part of the residency at Arts House the eXchange artists worked with Melbourne artists – Jason Maling and Helen Herbertson, attended classes at Lucy Guerin Inc, walked the Yarra with Indigenous facilitator Dean Stewart and hosted lunch/dinner exchanges with the Indigenous Choreographers Lab, artists of Footscray Community Art Centres Indonesian Artists Residency and artists within the Arts House Dance Massive Program. Public Talks, dinners and showings will occupy the final week of the eXchange residency, with an open studio program from 12 to 14 March.

In August 2015 the Melbourne artists travel to Taipei and continue the exchange with a performance season as part of the 2015 Taipei Arts Festival.

Initiated by Fragment 31/ Leisa Shelton (Melbourne)

Co-hosted with Century Contemporary Dance, Shu-Fen Yao (Taipei).

Performed by Natalie Abbott, Peter Fraser, Tien Hsiao-Tzu, Melanie Lane, Lee Tsung-hsuan, Wu Yu-Hsien.

Scenographic Facilitator: Amelia Lever-Davidson

Photos by John McKenie

Photos from Melbourne residency showings, as part of Dance Massive

Residency Period: 23 February – 15 March 2015

Open Studio Program: 12 – 14 March 2015

Venue: Arts House North Melbourne Town Hall, Melbourne