The Listies Ruin Xmas

The Listies Ruin Xmas is an uproarious take on the holiday panto. Its mission? To make families laugh as much as possible in 55 minutes.

This irreverent new production from irrepressible duo Rich and Matt (aka The Listies) does away with out-dated Christmas fodder for something worthy of modern, multicultural Melbourne. Jam packed full of the classy things kids love like pop-culture, poo jokes and vomit, The Listies know all the right buttons to push to make your kids – and you – shriek with laughter. Bring the whole family to an interactive Christmas show that greets the holidays / with a cheeky grin.

Nobody else does comedy for kids this brilliantly, but what’s more astounding is that adults have just as much fun. The Listies occupy a dimension all of their own.

– The Age

…it will be a frenetic, irreverent hour with plenty of bottom-related gags and the big man in the red suit and white beard as you’ve never seen him before.

The Age


By / The Listies
Devised & Performed by / Richard Higgins & Matthew Kelly
Set and Costume Design Consultant / Marg Horwell
Lighting Designer / Amelia Lever-Davidson
Tour Manager / Gemma Fletcher
Stage Manager / Tia Clark